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I'm a Senior Consultant at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft Cloud platform including Azure & Office 365. My areas of expertise include Microservices, Blockchain/DLT and Identity Management systems. In my previous role as a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft HQ in Redmond I worked on design, development and deployment of highly scaleable services that are part of Microsoft partner ecosystem.

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Over the years I have authored many articles and co-authored two technical books. You can find the list of selected publications here

Programming Microsoft's Cloud SharePoint Best Practices


Blog Posts

  • corda-logoUnderstanding R3 Corda and Running it on Azure
    R3 Corda is a blockchain-inspired distributed ledger technology (DLT) from R3 that is specifically designed for financial and regulated transactions, and emphasizes privacy and security between ...
  • encryptionHomomorphic Encryption 101
    I was recently exploring methods for improved privacy using various encryption schemes and stumbled upon Homomorphic Encryption that has a huge potential  in that area. I do feel that it has higher ...
  • linux-azure-virtual-machines-logo-orangeCreating Developer’s Docker Linux Virtual Machine on Azure
    For an upcoming developer event on Docker I had to create handful of Linux Ubuntu virtual machines on Azure with Docker and few additional software installed on it. I looked into couple of ways to to ...
  • m_swarm_128x128Event Announcement “Blockchain 101 – Introduction for Developers”
    Some of you may already be aware that I host NYC MS Cloud User Group technology meet up every month at Microsoft Manhattan campus.This month, I will be hosting/presenting alongside with my colleague ...
  • devops-logoDevOps with Containers
    Recently I did a video series for Microsoft Channel9 on DevOps with Containers (thanks to Lex Thomas and Chris Caldwell for recording these). The idea was simple- show and tell how container ...